PASS FC strives to project a professional image. The Club uniform plays an integral part in the forgoing of Club identity and in building both a sense of community and of pride in the organization. This can only be accomplished if all PASS FC teams wear the designated Club uniform so that no matter what the age group, no matter what the occasion, the team can be readily identified as representing PASS FC. Additionally, our leagues mandate stringent uniform rules that PASS FC must abide by.

All PASS FC teams must adhere to the following program at all times:

  • All teams are required to purchase a new uniform kit every two years from Team Gazelle.

    • The Uniform Coordinator will help the manager set up team rosters online with Team Gazelle’s ordering system

    • Player will receive an email with instructions and a link to place their order with a credit card and shipped directly to the family

    • Special Team training tops may be ordered through Team Gazelle by contacting the Club Uniform Coordinator to discuss this and place an order

  • Teams may also use the PASS FC uniforms for indoor league play and various 3v3

type tournaments. Teams should register as a “PASS FC” team and use good sportsmanship at all times while representing PASS FC.

Uniform Kit

The Club’s two year uniform cycle changes in the fall of odd years 2017/2019/2021/etc.

Samples will only be available at Tryouts and Enrollment Night so managers should encourage players to try all pieces on because each brand and style runs differently.

  • ALL PLAYERS required items

    • Home jersey (light)

    • Away jersey (dark)

    • Short

    • Sock

    • Training shirt

  • Director’s Academy/Premier ADDITIONAL required pieces:

    • Second training shirt

    • Second sock

    • Warm-up jacket

    • Warm-up pant

    • Backpack

All pieces are available for all players to purchase whether they are required for your team or not.

These will be listed as optional on your Select team catalog on Team Gazelle.  Players may also order extra socks, shorts, training shirts, etc. as they wish.

Extra Uniform Kit

  • All Select teams should locate one used uniform set for their “extra uniform” to be kept in the coaches equipment bag or team manager tote..  Enlist help from the Club Uniform Coordinator if necessary.

  • All Academy/Premier teams are required to obtain one new uniform kit to be kept in the coaches equipment bag or the manager’s tote.  Contact the Club Uniform Coordinator for information on how to acquire this.

    • Manager is responsible for keeping track of this uniform so that it is readily available when needed.

  • Extra Uniforms are used for the following reasons:

    • Injury resulting in blood on the player’s uniform. Game officials are required to send off players with any exposed blood on their body or uniform, and players are not allowed to return until blood has been removed from the uniform and any wounds are treated and covered.

    • Teams asking guest players to join them for an event will need a uniform kit for their guest player.

    • Players who lose or forget any of their uniform parts on a game day can utilize the uniform for that day.

    • New player joins the team at the last minute the extra uniform kit can be used by this player until their new uniform kit arrives.

Placing the Uniform Order

Once the Team Manager has assigned uniform numbers according to player requests.  They will then need to prepare and send the Team Roster to the Uniform Coordinator who will verify the jersey numbers.  This spreadsheet needs to be submitted ASAP after tryouts. 

Once the Uniform Coordinator receives this information, the player will receive an email containing a link to place their order.  Orders cannot be processed at Enrollment Night and parent who have questions may contact the Club Uniform Coordinator.  This information can be found under Contacts at

Policy for Jersey Numbers

Uniform numbers will be assigned by the team manager on a first come basis with returning players receiving first choice of their established jersey number.  In the instance of two PASS players coming together onto one team and having a conflict with their numbers the following policy has been established to decide who gets the number:

  • Player who has been with the club the longest get first choice.

  • Player who has played on the higher level or age group team get first choice

  • Player who was born first get first choice

In the 2nd year of a uniform cycle, if a player is asked to change numbers and does not wish to purchase a new set of jerseys, the parent may take the jerseys to Team Gazelle to have them add a number to the front or rear of the existing number on the jersey.