Tournaments provide an opportunity to compete against teams from other cities and states. Some tournaments are very selective and accept only the top-ranked teams. Others accept almost any travel team that applies. Therefore, it is imperative that you consult with the team’s coach immediately following tryouts to verify which tournaments to apply to.                 

Tournament Selection                   

The Club’s Staff Coaches will establish a yearly estimated tournament plan for each team. This information will be published on the approved “Team Plan” that is given to the parents at tryouts.  Players are committing to attendance at team tournaments when they enroll on the team. Team Managers should discuss the tournament options with their coach and then are responsible for applying to them. The team’s coach must approve any additional events, not on the approved Team Plan and additional funds may need to be collected from the players if necessary.             

Tournament Applications

Tournament applications need to be submitted by the manager two-three months before the tournament date.  Each age group and team level has a different number of tournaments allotted to them each year and a different way to pay for the application fee.  (see below)

Additional  tournaments and tournament expenses will need to be paid for by collecting extra funds from your players.

SELECT TEAMS               

  • Manager will apply for the tournament. Email your confirmation to for payment.  Make sure the amount due and tournament mailing address is included in email.

    • U7/8    NO tournament included in player fees

    • U9    GRIT or similar

    • U10-U15     GRIT + 1 other tournaments

    • U16-U19    1 tournament (GRIT or other)


  • Manager will apply for the tournament with Team Account Debit card.  Team Activity funds  will be placed in Team Accounts on or after July 1.  Make sure team account has sufficient funds before application is made.

    • U9-U10    2 tournaments                           

DA TEAMS (Director’s Academy)

  • Manager will apply for the tournament with Team Account Debit card.  Team Activity funds  will be placed in Team Accounts on or after July 1.  Make sure team account has sufficient funds before application is made.

    • U11    3-4 tournaments

    • U12    4-5 tournaments (including Jr. State cup)


  • Manager will apply for the tournament with Team Account Debit card.  Team Activity Funds will be placed in Team Accounts on or after July 1.  Make sure team account has sufficient funds before application is made.

    • U13-U14    4-5 tournaments (including State Cup)

    • U15-U16    3-4 tournaments (including State Cup)

    • U17-U19    3-4 tournaments (including State Cup and 1-2 college showcases)

During the application process, note the following information on your team application:

  • Does the coach have multiple teams attending?  If so, note the other teams attending on the application. Most tournaments will coordinate coaching schedules up to three teams.   

  • Consult with coach on Division placement in the tournament; Advanced or Developmental; New team or Experienced team.  

Tournaments Rules

Check each tournament’s website for specific rules for their tournament. Read through and understand the tournament requirements of paperwork. Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork for your “check-in” at the tournament. Fill out and gather the necessary forms and paperwork from each family as soon as possible.

You may see the words “Stay to Play” in the tournament rules. This only pertains to teams attending from more than 80 miles from home and requires team accommodations be made through the tournament approved hotel listing.

If you are bringing guest players to the tournament you will need to check the specific rules for each tournament as they may vary.  Generally guest player with in your own club only need their player card and team roster.  Guest players from another club will need to fill out the guest player form mandated by the state association.  (

Out-of-State Tournaments                           

If you are traveling out-of-state, there may be other requirements the tournament has for out of state team guests.

  • Electronic “Permission to Travel” form (

  • Medical Release forms notarized

  • Notice of good standing in your league

  • Notice of Medical coverage from your league

  • Team Managers will also need to obtain a signed Consent to Travel for any player traveling without their parent.  This permit is found on the MSYSA website                     

INFORMATION TO SHARE WITH YOUR COACH  During  the week prior to the tournament make 2-3 copies of the Tournament Rules and slip them in a page protector. Give a copy to the coaches prior to the tournament along with their stipend for the weekend. Keep the other copy for your reference because tournament rules vary. Highlight the length of game, overtime rules, inclement weather rules, player substitution rules and tiebreaker rules. Then if questions arise prior to or during the game you can consult the tournament rules.                    

Tournament Team Check-in

All tournaments require teams to check their team in prior to the tournament. Most are “in person” registration the night before the tournament, but some will allow faxed or emailed documents prior to the tournament date. The Team Manager typically attends the tournament registration or appoints another parent for this duty. You should find out well in advance where and when the tournament check-in will be held and plan accordingly. Sometimes it is a designated hotel the day before the tournament begins, other times you can register at the fields an hour before your first game.                           

All tournaments require the following but some will ask for additional items:           

  • Parent signed tournament roster/liability form

  • Copy of the Official Roster (stamped from the league)                    

  • Approved player cards for each player on the tournament roster (including guest players)   

  • Copies of the MSYSA Medical Release for each player and guest player

  • Concussion forms for yourself, all coaches and players

  • Risk management cards for yourself and all coaches   

  • State approved Guest Player Release form for any guest players on your tournament roster

Most tournament will re-check player cards at the game venue.   REMEMBER to get player passcards back if they are held during a game.                  

Tournament Hotels                   

If you are traveling to a tournament where you will need to stay in a hotel, keep in mind that most tournaments require that you use their tournament travel agency (Traveling Teams) or a designated hotel “block” for the tournament. This information will be clearly stated on the tournament website. Not staying at the required tournament hotels is often grounds for a forfeit and not being asked back to the tournament again.  Reserve  your team’s hotel block as soon as possible, selecting housing that meets your team’s needs.              

NOTE: Tournaments in Northern Michigan have limited hotels available. You must apply to these tournament 4-6 months in advance in order to secure a block of rooms at a hotel for a reasonable price.

Once you have secured your hotel block

  • Provide your team with

    • hotel name, address, contact information

    • Hotel rate, block name and reservation deadline

    • Parents are responsible for contacting the hotel directly to secure their reservation.                   

  • Book your coaches hotel room

Coach’s Hotel Room                                   

Arrange for your coach’s stay at tournaments 60 miles or more away if necessary.  Most hotels will comp a room for every 10-15 rooms reserved.  During the hotel selection process, speak to the hotel manager and ask if they are willing to comp a room for the coach and assistant coach. If more than one team is traveling, it is beneficial to stay at the same hotel to receive more free rooms for coaches.   If they do not, reserve your coach’s room for them.

  • SELECT  coaches pay for their own hotel rooms and get reimbursed from the club.

  • ACADEMY & PREMIER  managers arrange for payment upon coach arrival/departure with the team debit card.

  • When coach has multiple teams at the tournament the teams share the hotel expense.                   

Coaches Stipend                   

Each  team is required to pay the coach and assistant coach a cash stipend of $50 per day for All tournaments (local or out of town). This is not a “per game” amount, rather a “per day” amount for each day a coach is at a tournament. Select managers request the stipend money from the Club treasurer at two weeks prior to the tournament. Academy, DA and Premier will get the money from their team accounts.

  • Team Managers are responsible for providing the coaches with this stipend during the week BEFORE the tournament.                           

    • If coach attends “check-in” for the team on Friday night, this is considered a “day” at the tournament.   

    • If coach arrives Friday but not for “check-in” or a game, this is not considered a “day” at the tournament.

    • If Team has games on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, no matter if it is only one game, the stipend for each coach will be $150.

    • If the team has games on Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday, the stipend will be $100 for each coach.

Tournament Advice                           

New Team Managers may become overwhelmed by all the details they are required to take care of prior to and during soccer tournaments. Here are 14 tips that will help you stay organized and allow you and your team to have an enjoyable tournament experience:               

  1. Check tournament website for specific rules and required paperwork when you apply.

  2. Complete tournament specific paperwork as soon as possible as this can take some time obtaining signatures from parents.

  3. Confirm parent emergency cell numbers.

  4. Make reservations for accommodations early.

  5. Make sure everyone has the schedule to the tournament as soon as it is posted.

  6. Provide addresses to all fields your team will be playing on, including the Finals game.

  7. Plan a team dinner around the team’s tournament schedule. (If coaches are invited parents should offer to pay for their meal).

  8. Remind players to bring both uniform kits and additional socks, cleats, etc. to all games

  9. Consult with coach for specific recommendations on curfew, hydration and nutrition

  10. Keep Medical Waivers with you during the tournament in case medical treatment is needed at a hospital for a minor traveling without their parent. Make sure your coach has copies in his/her equipment bag.

  11. Encourage and help facilitate team bonding between games by locating a shaded area where players and families can gather to rest, eat healthy snacks, rehydrate and bond.

  12. Encourage players and their families to support other PASS FC teams attending the tournament and provide them with schedules and field locations for each team.

  13. If breakfast is served at the hotel, check with the hotel in advance to verify the serving hours to ensure your team has ample time to eat breakfast prior to the first game or upon their return from their early game. Communicate this to your parents.

  14. Solicit team parents to become involved                                                         

Parents can assist with the following                   

  • Purchasing healthy snacks, water, Gatorade for the team

  • Organizing team dinners   

  • Creating door signs   

  • Pinning together and washing team uniforms between games.           

  • Provide plastic trash bags for player/coach gear when raining.

  • Bringing canopies to protect players from the sun/rain.

  • Shower curtains work great for players to sit on and cover with during rain.

  • Create Plexiglass sign with team schedule and curfew information to be placed in hotel lobby. (check with hotel for approval)