The Club will organize and schedule age group tryouts in April and post tryout information on the Club website by May of each year. Managers are asked to assist the Tryout Administrator with tryouts for their respective age group. If you are not planning to return as manager, please assist with finding a replacement volunteer from your team to help with tryouts.


There are things a manager is asked to do prior to the tryouts to ensure the team formation for the following year runs smoothly. The manager works directly with the coach to assist with this.

Team Plan  

The Team Plan provided to players at the tryout is an ESTIMATION of what the team will do for the year.  Deviations of the Plan may occur throughout the year per coach’s recommendations, but should consist of  a general idea of what each team expects as far as commitment and cost.

  • Select Managers do not need to assist with their team plan.  The club will provide a generic, Team Plan for all Select teams at the tryout.  

  • Academy/Premier Managers assist the club with preparing the Team Plan

    • Gather information from coach regarding off season training and tournaments

    • Revise Team Plan Template provided by club, specific for your team’s yearly plan.

      • Off season training information if available

      • Tournament possibilities

      • Winter indoor plans

    • Submit your plan to Club for approval by June 1


Tryout times should be communicated to team members and other players who inquire

  • Managers should be aware of and communicate the levels of their age group and the tryouts for each and what each level entails for cost and commitment.  

  • At no time should a manager influence players to stay on one or the other team levels for personal reasons.  Instead please be neutrally informative.

Player Check-In

Team Managers are asked to check-in all tryout participants and provide them with the necessary information and documentation for their team.

  • Arrive one hour prior to the published tryout time to prepare for players who will arrive 30-45 minutes early to check-in.

  • Obtain tryout list and team handouts from Tryout Administrator

    • The tryout list is the evaluation form used by the coaches during the tryout

  • Provide players with a tryout jersey and a Team Plan

  • Write the tryout jersey number on the tryout list next to their name.

  • If their name is not on the list, have them neatly write their name and contact information on the tryout list

  • •Make 2-3 copies of the tryout list once all players have checked-in

    • Copies given to:  Coaches with clipboard and pen, Club Registrar, Team Manager

Player Documentation

Team handouts will be printed and ready for you to handout at tryouts.

  • Approved Team Plan handed out to all players PRIOR to tryouts at check in.

    • Have extras available after the tryout for those parents who may have lost theirs during the tryout.

  • Enrollment Information handed out to all parents at the “coach/parent meeting” during the tryout.  

Team Formation

Each league has different rules about offering and accepting roster spots and signing official documents to secure those spots.  For all tryouts, during the last 20-30 minutes of the tryout, managers should check with the coach to see when he/she will meet with the parents to let them know what the selection process will be.   Manager and coach should hand out enrollment information at this time.

GVSA Teams (Select, Elite, and GVSA Academy)

  • Players are offered a spot on the team by the coach, generally by a phone call or email.

  • The coach emails the completed roster to the club Registrar within 2 days of the tryout.

  • Players go to to enroll under “SELECT” team enrollment for Select & Elite teams and to “ACADEMY & DA” for GVSA Academy teams.

  • Players receive an invitation from GVSA to e-sign their player registration form online to secure their roster spot.  

    • Players who fail to complete this step may be dropped from the roster.

State League Teams (DA & Premier)

  • Coaches offer roster spots for their teams AT the tryout

  • Players are asked to accept or deny their roster spot immediately following the tryout

  • Players accepting their spot must complete the online enrollment process within 24 hours of acceptance at under “ACADEMY & DA” or “PREMIER”

Email to Team

Following the tryout, email the chosen players to welcome them to the team.

  • Introduce yourself

  • Remind and help them to Enroll

    • Remind them about Enrollment Night if they need help with this

  • Remind them to order their uniform and give you their uniform number choices