Academy & Premier Managers are responsible for developing and implementing a budget for the team, managing the team’s account and financial reporting to the Club Treasurer of the team’s expenses. The club has established bank accounts for each Academy and Premier team to manage the Team Activity Allotment from the club.                 

New Accounts

Academy Team Managers are encouraged to have the team’s bank account set-up as soon as possible following tryouts in order for team fees to be available in a timely matter.                                                   

  • Contact Club Administrator to setup account   

  • Go to the bank to provide required identification and signatures

    • Macatawa Bank, 3177 Knapp St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

    • Order team debit card

    • Team checks are not necessary

      • Use of counter checks or money orders will suffice when needed

  • Managers should log into their Team Account as soon as the Club Administrator sets up their online account access so that account balance can be monitored online

    • Club Administrator will email you with your username and password   


Team Accounts are funded by the club according to the Team Activity Allotment.  Once players have enrolled through GotSoccer, the Club Administrator will transfer the money from the Club’s Parent Account to each Team Account.

On July 1 each Academy and Premier team will receive a deposit for their budgeted Team Activity Allotment from the club.  (see below for allotment provisions).  Once received  managers can begin applying to tournaments and State Cup.

The Team Activity Allotment will include the $100 safety net from the club which is to remain in the account when you complete your spending for the year.  Any bank fees incurred throughout the season will be taken from the Team Account and the team will be responsible for paying them.                                  


Withdrawal transfers will be taken by the Club from Team Accounts for the following:       

  • Early player passcard fee (if requested)       

  • Bank charges       

  • Field rental fees above the normal “Club” field budget

    • Northview turf field rental for 11v11 games/scrimmages

    • Extra indoor facility charges if paid for by the Club                  

Account Balances   

Team Managers will keep a balance sheet for all deposits, transfers, withdrawals, and payments made on the Team Account

  • Receipts must be kept for all expenditures   

  • Check your team account each month by logging into your online account.

  • If the team activity expenses exceed the budgeted Team Allotment, additional funds will need to be collected from the players by the manager and deposited into Team Account.  

    • If the manager has difficulty collecting from any player, our Player Accounts personnel should be contacted as soon as possible or at least two months before the end of the playing year to assist with the collection of the extra fees being collected.

    • Each player pays the same amount regardless if they participated in all team activities or not. They are paying to be a part of the team and the activities they choose to do as a team, not the activities themselves.       

  • Team Manager should email the Club Treasurer with an expense review on the following schedule:

    • October 31 (Post-fall season/Pre-winter season)

    • January 30 (Post-winter/Pre-spring)

    • April 30 (Final expenditures statement)

    • May 1 Team Account will be closed from activity             

Year-end Account Closure

Managers will need to prepare for Team Account year-end closure by planning all spring and early summer expenses with your coach. These discussions should begin immediately following your January 30 expense review.  

  • By March 1 Team Managers should know what expenses are needed for the remainder of the season and should include:

    • Referee fees

    • Turf or other field expenses

    • Tournament fees and expenses for the remainder of the year

  • If it is determined at this time that additional funds are needed the manager should collect this from the parents and deposit it into the team account.Contact the Player Accounts volunteer for assistance in collecting.  

  • If a parent needs to pay by credit card or parents have neglected to pay any additional fee charged to them earlier, an online collection option is available. Contact the club Player Accounts volunteer BEFORE April 1 if this option is needed. (Fall only teams must have this arranged by January 30).

    • Player card will be withheld until the fee is paid in full, which means the player cannot play in games until their account is paid

  • If Team Account needs to remain open after May 1 because of a tournament, etc, please contact the PASS Treasurer AND Club Account Administrator for approval

  • Used Team Activity funds will be returned to the club account on May 1

Approved Team Expenses                   

The Team Activity Allotment will be used for the teams Club approved activities which include the following:

  • Referee Fees for Fall and Spring

  • Office Supplies (postage, laminations, printing, fees, etc)

  • Team Supplies (first aid, emergency needs, etc)

  • Tournaments                   

    • Entry fee for each tournament entry

    • Hotel Rooms for Head & Assistant Coach for stays exceeding 60 miles from home. (Parent assistants do not receive this benefit)

    • Stipends for Head & Assistant Coach

      • $50 per day for ALL team tournaments (local or otherwise)

      • Parent assistants are paid only in absence of Head coach

Winter facility Expenses

Teams will no longer pay for their winter facilities for club mandated training sessions.  The Club will provide each DA & Premier team with 2 days of indoor training as part of their player fees. One will be at a turf facility and one will be at a gym of the team’s choice. Coach and manager should secure the gymnasium and get the amount approved by the Club before submitting the invoice for payment.

Club will also cover these expenses

  • Extra Uniform for team emergencies

  • Turf fees for Sunday games

  • League fees

Extra Team Expenses

If the team chooses to participate in the below they will need to collect additional funds from the team to cover these expenses.

  • Banking errors by the manager

  • Indoor Leagues

  • Team Bonding

  • Coaches gifts                   

  • Field rentals and maintenance above the normal Club paid fields

    • Extra indoor training days

      • Can be purchased from the club if there is open space, and if the team has the extra funds to pay for it

    • Turf game field fee not covered by club

    • Game fields for scrimmages

Any expense other than mentioned above should be mutually agreed upon as a team.