• New Managers:  If you are a new team manager, the Club Registrar will need to setup a manager profile in GotSoccer. Please email the following information to the Club Registrar at

    • Full Legal Name
    • Address
    • Email
    • Phone Numbers
    • Date of Birth

Once the Club Registrar has set up your manager profile, your login information will be emailed to you.  You can then log in with the below instructions to complete your *Risk Management Background Check and *Heads-Up Concussion Certification.  (see below for information on these MSYSA compliance mandates)

  • All Managers:

    • Follow the steps below to login and  update your manager profile page:
    • Go to
    • Log in under “Teams & Team Officials”
    • Enter your login information under “Individual Manager”
    • Update your contact information as necessary including a head shot profile photo
    • Renew your Risk Management Card online when needed


Team Managers may access their team page to gain access to all contact information for their players and parents.  Emails can be sent directly from this GotSoccer account.  Managers should  keep their team profile page updated and current as much as possible. 

Please follow these steps to update your team page:

  • Go to

  • Under “Teams & Team Officials”, click on “Login”

  • Enter your login information under “Team Account”

    • Username: PASSgirls/boys & birth year (ie: PASSgirls05)

    • Password: lovePASS

  • Update the following information:

    • Team Profile (Basic Team Info, Team Record, Tournament results, Contact Person)

    • Manager and Coach updated contact information

    • Roster verification that all players are listed, have a photo and jersey number  

      • Players cannot be added to the team roster until they have completed the online enrollment. Once they have enrolled, the Club Registrar can add them to the team roster.

  • •Print an unofficial roster with the “Contacts” button on GotSoccer


Ask Coaches to update their Coach GotSoccer profile page as follows:

  • Renew their Risk Management background check

  • Print their Risk Management card for your Team Binder

  • Upload a current Profile picture (must be a head shot photo)


Ask each parent to update their player’s GotSoccer profile as follows:

  • An email they check frequently (needs to be on front profile page)
  • Phone numbers for calling and texting purposes
  • Player’s jersey number once confirmed and ordered from Team Gazelle
  • Player profile picture (must be a head shot photo)


Managers are responsible for assisting the Club Registrar with the Player Enrollment Process for their teams. Players will accept their position verbally at tryouts but are not allowed to sign their player contract until the league “signing date”.  This may either be on the tryout date, or a few days after tryouts.  The enrollment process can be confusing for some players and their parents.  Managers can use the checklist located on the club website under “Support/Managers” to make sure all players have done all that is needed to fully enroll in the club and on the team.

Enrollment Night

There is an annual Enrollment Night scheduled by the club to assist parents with the process and for players to sample uniforms.  It is an Open House format and Managers and/or Coaches should plan to attend this event to meet the players and parents and assist them if needed

4-Step Online Enrollment process

  • Enroll and pay
  • Email Birth Certificate (if new)
  • Sign or E-sign Player Contract
  • Order Uniform

NOTE:  If parents are able to complete the 4 Online Enrollment Steps on their own at home they do not need to attend the Enrollment Night.

Enroll in PASS and Pay online

All players who make a  team must complete the online enrollment within 24 hours of making the team.  Players will have been given instructions at the tryout on how to enroll once they have accepted a position on a PASS team

Go to

  • Choose your team level (Select, Academy & Director’s, Premier)
  • If they are a returning player, complete the "Returning Players - Easy Register” box
  • If they are a new player, select “Setup an Account” under “New Player Registration”
  • Follow the steps to enroll and pay.  There are two payment options; payment in full or a 3 month payment plan.
  • Refund policy is found on the PASS website under fees

Email or Text NEW Player Birth Certificate

New players must send a clear copy of their Birth Certificate to the PASS Registrar.  Email it to or text it to 616-304-8978

Sign or E-sign Player Contract for the team’s league

All players MUST signed or “E-sign” a copy of the League Player Registration Contract which is good for the entire playing year.

GVSA Select/Elite/Academy  (Grand Valley Soccer League)

  1. A form will be emailed to parents to “e-sign”.  To e-sign simply type the parent name in two spots on the form and hit the “Submit” button.

  2. If they have not received an email within days of paying their fee they should check their spam folder or search their email for GVSA.  If no form was sent please email the club through the Contact Button at with an updated email address to forward to GVSA.

DA (Director’s Academy League)

  1. Manager will receive an email from the State Office with instructions on uploading Registration documents via Sportforms.  Once all player forms have been uploaded the league will print the team roster and player cards.  If any player fails to upload their documents it will hold the team up from receiving their roster and cards.

MSPSL (Michigan State Premier Soccer League)

  1. Manager will collect all Registration Contracts making sure each is signed and filled out accurately before submitting to the Club Registrar for approval by the league.

Order Uniforms

Our uniform cycle is a two-year cycle. Players should order larger for possible growth in the following year.  Additional items may be re-ordered at any time to replace those that are worn out or outgrown.

  • Team Gazelle will have uniform samples for players to try on at Tryouts and Club Enrollment Night.
  • Players sign up for jersey numbers with the manager as soon as they have accepted a roster spot on the team.   
  • Manager will email the roster, jersey numbers, and parent emails on the Team Gazelle ordering spreadsheet to the Club Uniform Coordinator as soon as possible so that players can begin ordering soon after tryouts.
  • Parents will receive an email from Team Gazelle with instructions to order

Uniform Kits

Required pieces all teams: 2 jerseys, shorts, socks, training shirt
Additional Required pieces Academy & Premier: 2nd training shirt and sock,  warm up, bag

Additional paperwork      

Collection of these documents is required before your first competition, kept in a binder and brought to every competition.  These can be downloaded by your families from the club website, or you can make copies and bring to your first team practice for each player.

For Your Team Binder:

  • MSYSA Medical Release (does not need to be notarized)

  • MSYSA Waiver & Disclaimer (Premier only)

  • League Code of Conduct for player

  • League Code of Conduct for parents

  • Concussion form for Player & Parents

Late Player additions

Players can be added to your team roster as “late additions” if the coach agrees to take them. Please familiarize yourself with League rules about late player additions, maximum roster limits,  and transfer rules.

Players can be added to your team roster until league deadlines. Please have players follow the Enrollment instructions on the website.  There is a $25 late fee assessed to the player account for all late enrollments.

International Player Clearance

Players with a foreign birth certificate will need to submit additional forms for International Transfer Clearance (ITC) from US Soccer and FIFA.  Please have these players email the club registrar for additional forms to fill out, or visit the Forms section on the website.

MSYSA Mandates

*Risk Management

Background checks are required by the Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA), US Club Soccer and US Soccer for all personnel (team volunteers, employees, coaches and administrators) working or volunteering in MSYSA clubs and leagues. The MSYSA KidSafe/Risk Management Background Check policy and information regarding Risk Management can be found on MSYSA’s website at Team Managers will complete KidSafe thus allowing their names to be placed on the team roster. All coaches, assistant coaches and managers are required to have a copy of their Risk Management cards at all league games and tournaments as referees may ask to see them prior to a game.  Risk management background checks cost $7.50.  Please request a voucher number to cover this cost from the club registrar if needed.

*Heads-Up Concussion Training

All Team Managers of PASS FC are required to complete a concussion awareness online training program in order to be in compliance with MSYSA regulations. The required training program is the Heads-Up Concussion Training provided by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) and can be accessed from your GotSoccer manager profile page. The training needs to be completed once by each Team Manager. It can also be accessed at the following link.