Passcards and Rosters                                                                                                       

All players, coaches and team managers are required to have a passcard issued by their league.  These are printed up from the GotSoccer rostering system so all players, coaches and parents need to make sure all information is correct and that there is a headshot uploaded to their profile page in GotSoccer during their enrollment process.

The Passcards and Official Rosters are distributed to the Club Team Manager Coordinator 2-3 weeks before league games begin and they will be distributed to Team Managers once received.

In receipt of the passcards Team managers will need to:

  • Make sure each player and coach has a card in the packet and are listed on the official league roster.

  • Obtain signatures on cards from players, coaches and managers (if needed)

  • If a picture is not printed on the card, you will need to glue one on

  • Individually laminate cards

  • Punch hole in corner opposite of photo and put on a ring

  • Organize them in alphabetical order to match your roster

If you have a preseason tournament scheduled that needs player passcards prior to their release date, please request early passcards before July 1/Feb 1.  There is a charge for early passcards.

Replacement cards will take a week to obtain.  There is a charge to replace lost player cards.


All games are scheduled or rescheduled by the Coach and/or Team Manager depending on the league they play in. Consult with your coach to identify who will be responsible for scheduling and rescheduling games. An email will be sent to coaches and managers with specific directions at the time of scheduling.

  • GVSA Select/Academy: Preliminary schedules are posted to two months prior to the start of the season.  Teams have 2 weeks to revise their schedule to accommodate any conflicts the coach may have.  Always check with your parents about school functions (dances, camps, music programs, etc) to see  if you have a large number of players from one school that might prevent you from having enough players to play on a given weekend.  See re-scheduling information below.  Team contact information is found by clicking on the team name in the fixture list on the league website.

  • GVSA Elite:  Fixture lists (who you are matched up to play) are posted to two-three months prior to the start of the season.  Teams have 2 weeks to schedule their games.  Home Games need to be sent to the Club Administrator to upload to GVSA prior to the league due date. No reschedules are allowed once GVSA schedules are final. Team contact information is found by clicking on the team name in the fixture list on the league website.

  • DA Scheduling: Fixture lists (who you are matched up to play) are posted to Michigan Youth league 10 weeks prior to the start of the season.  Teams have 1 month to schedule their games.  Home Games need to be sent to the Club Administrator to upload to Got Soccer and GVSA’s field schedule prior to the league due date.

  • Premier/MSPSL Scheduling:  Fixture lists are posted to 6 weeks prior to the start of the season.  Teams have 3 weeks to schedule their games.  Home Games need to be sent to the Club Administrator to upload to Got Soccer and GVSA’s field schedule prior to the league due date.

  • State Cup & Jr. State Cup Scheduling:  Fixture lists for group play are posted to Michigan Youth 6 weeks prior to the start of the season.  Teams have 3 weeks to schedule their games.  Home Games need to be sent to the Club Administrator to upload to GotSoccer prior to the league due date.  If the team makes it out of bracket play the ¼ finals, semi’s and finals are all pre-scheduled by the state.  Dates and times are posted on the state website under Tournaments.  Please avoid these days and times when making your league schedule.


  • Your opponent team contact information is found on league websites

  • All up to date Field schedules (except NV Turf) can be found on the GVSA website under “Field Schedules”.

  • Email HOME game revisions to the club administrator as soon as it is decided by both coaches.

    • Include ORIGINAL game information with game #

    • Include NEW game information with game #


Check your Team’s HOME FIELD schedule two days before they are due to make sure all games are listed accurately for referee assigning purposes. Check also that there are not games listed for your team that are not being played.


PASS Home Game Fields                                                                                                        

11v11 Home Games u13-u19

  • Weekend start times on EVEN hours only (8, 10, 12, etc)

    • Northview “Rahn” Grass field - available Friday, Saturday & Sunday  

    • Premier Park – available Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday                                   

    • Northview Turf (additional team rental fee applies) - available only on Sunday

9v9, 7v7, & 5v5  Home Games  u7-u12

  • Weekend start times 9, 10:30, 12, 1:30, 3, 4:30, 6

    • Sunshine Church Mon, Wed, Sat, Sun

    • Highlands Friday, and Sunday (Saturday 1:30-6)                                                                      

Game day field setup and teardown will be taken care of by an assigned Club Field Coordinator with corner flags for all fields. Bathrooms are available at all facilities.

Practice Fields

PASS FC uses several different practice fields. The Club and Coaches determine each team’s practice days, time and location before the start of each season. All PASS FC Select, Academy and Premier teams practice on the following fields:

  • Sunshine Community Church, 3300 E. Beltline NE

  • Grand Rapids Township Park, 1836 East Beltline NE

  • Northview High School (Rahn grass), 4451 Hunsberger NE

  • Premier Park (ArtVan sports complex), 3300 10 MIle Rd NE

  • Riverside Park, 2401 Monroe NE

  • Highlands Middle School, 4645 Chandy Dr. NE


The Club Referee Assignor, John Corbett assigns referees for all League and State Cup games.  Once the field schedules are final, referees will be assigned to each game.  It is the Team Manager’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of each HOME game date, time and location on the FIELD SCHEDULE link located on the GVSA website and inform the Club Administrator immediately if there are any errors.  This is what the referee assignor uses to assign referees.

All referee fees will be disbursed to Team Managers prior to fall and spring seasons.  Select managers will receive a check, and Academy/Premier teams will receive these as a part of the “Team Activity Allotment” transferred into the Team Account.

  • Each age group has a different fee structure found on the league websites  

    • Please educate yourself of what these are by checking rules for your league

    • Some leagues pay 100% of home games and some pay 50% of all games.

  • All games (except 5v5) have 3 referees (one center and two sideline assistant referees)

  • In the event a sideline referee does not show, the center referee will assign a club linesman (parent may not get paid per league rules) and the assistant referee fee will be refunded to you.

    • Ask Center referee for it back if they forget to give it to you

    • This money should be returned to the club.

  • Cash your check or withdraw referee money from Team Account

    • Figure out how many 10’s, 5’s, and 1’s you will need for each game. •

    • Put money into three envelopes for each game labeled with the following:

      • Game date & location

      • Game number & opponent’s names

      • Referee intended for (center, AR,AR)

      • Amount enclosed



Email opponent at the beginning of a game week to verify the following:

  • Game time

  • Field address

  • Anticipated uniform colors

    • Home - Light color

    • Away - Dark color

Email your own team a few days prior to the game with the following information:

  • Date and time of game(s)

  • Specify time coach would like them there and ready to begin when he/she arrives

  • Address to field(s)

  • Include anticipated construction delays if necessary

  • Uniform color (always remind them to bring both sets)

  • Remind players of hydration, nutrition & rest recommendations “per coach.”

Prepare game day paperwork:

  • Prepare Game Sheets

    • GVSA sheets are provided by the league

    • DA/MSPSL sheets are downloaded off of GotSoccer via your team page

    • Add any players names that are not listed on the sheet

      • Players added to the roster after game sheets were printed

      • Elite/DA/Premier “passcarding” players from lower level teams

    • Add Jersey numbers for all players

    • Note any players or team officials sitting out and reason for their absence

      • red/yellow cards

      • team discipline

      • injury/sickness

  • Prepare Referee envelopes following the Referee Fees for your league

    • If a Referee Evaluation is scheduled for a game give the form and stamped envelope  to your coach.

Game Day

Approximately 30 minutes before the start time, provide the following to the referees:

  • Game Sheet

  • Player passcards

  • Envelopes with money for referees

  • Stamped envelope with league address label (home games)


Immediately following the game:

  • Get player passcards back from the referee if they were  kept during the game

  • Check the Game Sheet for the following: (or make sure your coach does)

    • Scores are accurate

    • Yellow/red cards indicate correct player’s jersey number

    • Any unique game situations are reported on the card correctly

    • Signature of coach or team manager from both teams

  • Center Referee will mail game sheet to the league in envelope provided by the home team

  • Make sure that the field is cleaned up after the game and no water/Gatorade bottles, snack wrappers, athletic tape, etc. are left at the field

  • If you are the winning team (or the home team in cases of a draw), you must report the score to the league within 24 hours. Coaches should not do this!

    • Current Game Reporting Instructions can be found on your League website


Inclement weather or field conditions are the only reasons PASS will allow a game to be rescheduled. Managers are responsible for coordinating any rescheduled HOME games and new date/time should be decided within 1 week of cancellation.

Field Conditions Cancellation

In the event that the HOME fields are closed by the facility or the club due to poor field conditions, Team Managers should follow the below process:

  • Contact opponent immediately upon notification of closed field and cancellation of game (be cognizant of teams with longer travel times)

  • Contact the Referee Assignor immediately to cancel the referees

    • If referees show up for the game, they will need to be paid

  • The club will email the League to let them know of the closure and game cancellation

In the event that the HOME fields are closed upon arrival by the referee for field conditions the same reschedule process will be followed as with inclement weather cancellations. (see below)

Inclement Weather Cancellation

All teams are required to show up at the field for their scheduled game time. Referees will determine at the field location AT THE TIME OF THE GAME whether the game will need to be cancelled because of inclement weather (or field conditions). Referees still receive their pay if they are present at the field.

If a game was not played or terminated before the half due to inclement weather such as thunder, lightning, heavy rain, etc. and needs to be rescheduled, the Team Managers should follow the below process when they arrive home:

  • Email the Club office with the reason for cancellation

  • Decide with your opponent, a new game date, time, and location

    • The home team manager is responsible for providing and finding an available field for the new game

  • Download the “Game Reschedule Request Form” found on your league website

  • Email the form to the Club Office according to the due dates and stipulations on the Game Reschedule Request Form   

    • The league will contact the referee assignor for new referee assignments and enter the game into the system

  • Games rescheduled due to weather conditions are not charged the $100 rescheduling fee

Other reschedules

If the game reschedule is not weather or field related, the team is responsible for payment of the $100 processing fee to the league PLUS $50 processing fee to PASS FC, paid by the team requesting the reschedule.

If your opponent has requested a game change for a PASS HOME game the above fees apply and must be submitted to the PASS office along with the “Game Reschedule Request Form” before the reschedule can be processed.  These must be received at the PASS office 2 days prior to the form deadline for requesting a reschedule.


The league requires that when lightning is observed, or thunder heard by the referee during any game, the game must be suspended until the danger has passed for 30 minutes. Games shall not be suspended for longer than a total of 90 minutes and may not cause a succeeding game on the same field to be delayed by more than 30 minutes. The decision to suspend a game lies solely with the Referee, and teams may not decide to suspend the game and leave prematurely. If a game is terminated because of weather and one half of the game has been completed, the game will be considered complete and the score at the time of the suspension will be recorded as the final result.  If one half of the game has not been completed and the game is terminated, the game will need to be rescheduled and a full game is replayed.