As a Team Manager, you will be organizing a variety of information and events. You will be the backbone of team communication, letting parents and players know what to expect and answering questions. Each team has unique circumstances. Team Managers will determine the path of communication that best fits the parents on the team and the coach’s personality.

Your first email to parents should be a day or two following tryouts. (select managers will receive the team list from the coach when player acceptance is confirmed)  

  • Introduce yourself and your coach and welcome them to the team

  • Give them enrollment instructions again

  • Provide electronic copy of the Team Plan handed out at tryouts if you can

Team Rosters

Team Managers should maintain the roster with home, work, cell phone numbers and email addresses for parents and players. Distribute this list to all team families. Keep a copy of your team contact list on your phone so you can access the information at anytime.

Communication from the Club

With over 500 soccer families in the Club, the Club communicates directly to families exclusively via email.  They use both Constant Contact and the GotSoccer email tool from the rostering system.   IMPORTANT!!  It is essential that parents place a primary email that is checked often on their child’s profile page in Got soccer!  Secondary emails should go on the Parent info tab of the profile.  They should also make sure that passimpactsoccer@gmail is accepted in their email server

In addition to specific correspondence sent from PASS FC during the year the below methods of communicating information are also used

PASS FC Website  The PASS FC MEMBER website address is  Parents and players can find timely information on current club news, events, player forms and contact information.  There is also an advertising website for new potential players who may be interested in information about our programing.  That site is   Both sites have links to each other at the bottom of the home page.

PASS FC Facebook Page  Please ask all of your team families and their friends  to “LIKE” us on our facebook page  PASS FC

Club meetings  The club holds Age Group informational meetings in the spring for the following:

  • U9 moving to Academy the following year

  • U10 moving to the Director’s League (DA)

  • U12 moving to Premier the following year

  • College informational meetings  u14-18 players

  • when there are changes being directed by our League or Associations

Team Meetings  Each coach is instructed to hold a parent meeting prior to each season.

Communication to the Team

In most cases, the Team Manager will be the link of communication from the club and coach to the players and parents.  It is important to check your emails regularly.  Manager should archive these messages for future reference.   If the coach emails the team directly, the Team Manager may want to summarize and resend to assure all parents have received the email.

If a family is not keeping up with team emails or does not have an email address, please set up an alternative means of communication (i.e. print out email sent to team and give it to the player/parents at the next team practice, text, etc).

Recommended mode of communication to your team parents:

  • Team Email List – Coach and Team Manager should have the team email address list and be able to send emails to team parents/players with last minute notices.

  • TEXT – Team Managers should have a TEXT group set up in their cell phone so they can text parents and players with important last minute notices.

  • Team Website/Ap – Team Managers can also use Facebook, Shutterfly/Team Ap, or a Team Blog for communicating to their team.  The club recommends Team Ap which is connected to the club information.

⇨It is important that notices of cancelled practices, games and team events be communicated as soon as possible and in as many ways as possible. At minimum, please send an email and text message to all players and parents, ask for a reply to know if any player has not gotten the message.

⇨It is a good idea to provide each parent with a roster of player names, jersey numbers, home and cell phone numbers, home addresses, and parents’ names.  Some teams laminate this information on a small card to hand out to parents.

⇨IMPORTANT!!  Send a weekly email that reminds parents and players of the team’s schedule for that week. This should include: game time, opponent, field location address and uniform color (always remind them to bring both colors to all games).

⇨Whenever you prepare a handout, write each player’s name on top. This will allow you to keep track of who received the handout and who did not. NEVER give handouts to Coaches to distribute.

Communication to the Club

Team Questions, Concerns, Issues

Team Managers will often be the sounding board for parents about their concerns.

PLEASE remember that you are a club representative and should remain positive about the club at all times. If Team Managers, parents or players have a technical or administrative issue or concern, they should follow the progression process noted below:

  • Administrative concerns:  

    • Direct any and all Administrative questions to  your email will be re-directed to the appropriate party

  • Technical or playing time concerns:  

    • Direct any and all technical questions or playing time concerns to the Coach first. Coaches are instructed to communicate with parents regarding these issues.  

    • If Coach or Team manager is unable to properly address concerns the following protocol should be followed:

      • Email the PASS Board of Directors with your question or concern and they will be discussed at the monthly board meeting.   Please direct them to use the Contact button on the PASS FC website

      • Email one of the Coaching Directors if they have a question or concern with the development of their child

  • Please refrain from contacting JoAnne VanSlooten, Club Administrator, without first emailing through the club Contact button or   JoAnne carries many responsibilities and does answer to a Board of Directors. The best avenue to obtain answers directly from the club is to submit questions through the Contact link on the PASS FC website. Your questions will be routed to the appropriate person.